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Your health is in your hands

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I was pre-med in college but have decided to dedicate my life to revealing the true secrets to a healthy lifestyle. I’m not going to sell you any miracle weight-loss products. I’m going to empower you with knowledge. I am a Registered Dietitian and graduate student with a calling to share the information only a select few spend thousands of dollars to get access to. I am so excited to reveal to you life-changing science discoveries and the common knowledge behind closed doors in university classrooms. My exclusive newsletters are 100% free and will include only the best information discussed among dietitians and food science laboratories.


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"Battling increased fatigue during my third pregnancy, I met with Chelsea and significantly increased my understanding of my body's and my baby's nutritional needs. The information she provided me with was far more specific than that of my obstetrician! Not only was I empowered with scientific knowledge to better fuel my body, I was also given a realistic and individualized plan that has helped me meet my energy requirements and my changing body's needs. Totally worth the investment! Thank you Chelsea! " 
- Amanda Cinadr


"Chelsea has really helped me focus on eating fresh foods VS processed foods. I've been able to eliminate poor food choices and the weight is starting to come off with a few simple changes. I highly recommend her services if you are looking to eat healthier or lose weight!" 
- Amy Paull
"I love Chelsea’s emails and look forward to them every week!  Thanks for constantly increasing my food knowledge." 
- Amanda Wagner
"Chelsea's passion for healthy eating is contagious, and our employees left the workshop with tips, tricks, and snacks for successfully cruising through the 3 PM workday slump." 
- Sara Garven, Vice President of Administration, Home Care Medical


"After working with Chelsea, I am now more than confident about making healthy choices while traveling for work and entertaining clients." 
- Chris Jones


"Chelsea's free material is better than what other professionals would charge an arm and a leg for!" 
- Eduardo Chenhalls


"Wow, Chelsea provided so much value in our sessions together! I can't imagine how much preparation she put into the personalized lesson plans just for me!"
- Mary Claire W.