You're a busy professional accomplishing big things in life. Or you're an athlete who wants to feel confident that you are fueling yourself to optimize performance.

Either way, you have big goals, and want to maximize your health so that you can accomplish your goals.

You want to live life to the fullest


But let's be honest, nutrition trends and fads are confusing and overwhelming. You're definitely interested in nutrition and a healthy diet, but you have no idea if you're approaching it right.

When it comes to nutrition, what is RIGHT for you?

You want a nutrition expert to listen to your goals and needs, someone who coaches you without a one-size-fits-all approach.


That's what I'm here for!

To coach and guide you to have ultimate confidence in what you choose to eat based on your individual needs.

Oh, and you won’t have to count calories or weigh your food or buy products to accomplish your goals (phew!)

I'll coach you how to be confident in your food choices and feel energized to take on the world! Or at least to take on the day ;)


I'm a registered dietitian and nutritionist, with a Masters of Science in Dietetics, meaning I've dedicated years of study to be the expert on how to eat, and I can coach you to be your own expert on how YOU should eat to accomplish YOUR own goals.

I've been published in Food and Nutrition Magazine, the Stone Soup Blog, and even as first author in a medical school textbook (I was 20 at the time!)

I can coach you to be your own expert on how YOU should eat to accomplish YOUR own goals


When I'm not coaching or developing easy and delicious (and healthy!) recipes, you can find me in a local coffee shop

If you can’t find me there, I'm hiking!

1. One of my favorite mountains to hike was a volcano in Guatemala

2. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be either: Austria (where my grandmother is from), Italy (the food!) or Swizterland (those mountains!)


Now I'd love to learn more about you and your goals so that I can start creating a nutrition plan, customized just for you!

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