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VIDEO | One Key Strategy You Can Implement Today to Achieve Your Goals + FREE Checklist

Do you ever struggle with NOT getting your goals done for the day?

You know, like snoozing the alarm in the AM instead of working out like you said you wanted to do?

Oh my friend, you are not alone!

Today I'm sharing with you one strategy that will help you get closer to your goals and help you hold yourself accountable :)

And want to sleep better so you can get up at 4:45 AM to win the day and crush your goals, too?

Then, grab your free checklist on the Top 10 Tips to Sleep Better Tonight:

The Secret to Losing Weight...While You Sleep | + FREE Checklist on the Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep Tonight |

Have you noticed that you’ve gained a few pounds lately?

But you’re not sure why?

You’re eating healthy most of the time…

You’re working like a boss…

You’re even working out a few times per week…

So, what gives?

There might be an explanation to slow and steady weight gain that you’ll be surprised by:

You’re getting less than 7 hours per sleep.

Yeah, but who isn’t??

It turns out that poor sleep is a major contributor to weight gain.

Lack of adequate sleep (7-9 hours) puts you at a 55% greater risk of obesity!

That lack of sleep causes:

·        Your brain to crave high-calorie foods

·        A spike in cortisol (remember that stress hormone…link to article)

·        Your body to store fat

·        A decrease in your ability to process carbs (and therefore you store more fat)

·        Your metabolism to drop

·        An increase in cravings

Oh yes, that’s why you’re seriously craving sweets, and snacking like crazy after dinner!

And there’s fascinating research out there on this, like this one study, which followed 16 adults for 2 weeks in the inpatient setting, and deprived them of adequate sleep for 5 days.

You should know that “deprived” meant 5 hours of sleep per night for 5 days…

Sound like a typical work week to you?

In just those 5 days, the adults gained almost 2 lbs!

They ate more carbs, fat, and more calories in general after dinner.

When you’re tired, you simply eat more food.

And if that lack of sleep is chronic (hello, work like, family life, social life), the weight creeps on slowly and steadily.

Want better sleep?  And want it now?

I’ve created a checklist for you with my top tips that you can implement TODAY to get better sleep TONIGHT!

You can download your free checklist for the Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep Tonight here.

The One Simple Hack to Stick to Your New Year's Resolution

Did you know that 92% of us won’t keep our resolutions? 

Yikes, those aren’t good odds!

But what if I told you there was a way to hack the system…

A way to make it much more likely that you will create and stick with a healthy habit?

Would you try it?

This hack is to enlist the principle of temptation bundling.

Temptation bundling is this:

To boost your chance of doing something you need to do (desirable, healthy, good habit), bundle it with something you already do and enjoy.

You’re more likely to do what you need to do if you pair it with something you want to do.

I realize I do this regularly with exercise…Something I know I need to do but can easily put off.

I adore YouTube videos and could easily watch hours of them every day.  Don’t ask me how I know this.

Earlier this year, I decided to pair exercise (something I need to do) with watching YouTube videos (something I already do and enjoy).

Several times a week, I will hop on a treadmill, set the incline at 12-15%, and walk at a good clip for 30-45 minutes while watching my favorite Australian and British vloggers.

When I paired these two activities together, I realized five things:

  1. The time I was working out flew by because I was distracted

  2. I wanted to walk for a longer time, because there would be one more video to watch

  3. I look forward to my incline walks

  4. My fitness improved, and I felt great after each incline walk

  5. I’m more motivated to put on my tennis shoes and workout

What good, healthy habit have you tried but failed at

  • If you want and need to tone up, perhaps pair exercise with scrolling on social media. 

  • If you want and need to lose weight, perhaps pair cooking healthy meals at home with listening to your favorite podcasts.

  • If you want and need to get organized, perhaps pair organizing a specific room in the house with listening to a book on Audible. 

  • If you want and need to do chores, perhaps pair folding laundry with watching your favorite show.

This method of temptation bundling is like multitasking, but way more productive and effective!

Action Step: Write down the activity you need to do (desirable habit) with something you already do and love. 

Bonus Action Step: Let me know your temptation bundle by replying to this email!  I'll share your creative temptation bundle ideas to help others looking for inspiration😊

Work with Me

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