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VIDEO! My Morning Routine When I Travel + The One Simple Habit That Sets Me Up For Success

Do you wish you had a solid morning routine?

What if you could feel set up for success for the WHOLE day with one simple habit?

In this video, I share with you my morning routine when I travel & the one thing I have do to every morning to feel like I'm winning the day!

Win the day with this FREE cheatsheet, which includes simple, quick, and easy breakfasts:

Simply Morning Routine Travel Edition:…/simple-morning-routine-travel-edit…

My Morning Routine- How and Why I Became a Morning Person:

Should You Eat Breakfast:

How to Choose a Healthier Breakfast Cereal + My Top 3 Recommendations:

A Simple Morning Routine-Travel Edition

The power of morning routines is undeniable.

When you win the morning, you win the day.

And as creatures of habit, we thrive off routines.

But travel throws a wrench into our routines, since vacation, by definition, is an experience outside of our daily habits.

My morning routine is so engrained in my daily practice that I often feel antsy and a little “off” when I don’t do it.

And part of my routine is a healthy breakfast.

But again, travel often throws a wrench in our healthy eating habits.

Do you feel the same way?

To beat this wrench-throwing travel fiasco, I found a solution to help me feel my best on vacation.

And I had to share it with you, because the solution is incredibly simple:

Eat the same healthy breakfast every day.

So simple, yet so effective.

Last week, I traveled to Virginia to visit family.

And on the first day there, my Mom and I went on a wild goose chase through town to find the precise breakfast items I wanted.

Apparently, Ezekiel cereal is hard to find, because we went to 5 grocery stores before finding it…

But once I found it, I had it every morning with warm unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, and creamy almond butter.

Simple breakfast.  Simple routine.

And the power of this simple morning routine on vacation was undeniable.

I didn’t feel antsy or “off.”

I didn’t overindulge the rest of the day, because I started my day strong.

I ate ice cream almost every night with my family, and looked forward to it each day, knowing I hadn’t eaten unhealthy from the very beginning of each day.

I felt great.

I didn’t spend time guessing and wondering what I would have for breakfast the next day.

And I looked forward to my breakfast each morning.

Your Action Step: 

When you’re traveling, establish a morning routine by eating the same healthy breakfast each day.

Perhaps you go to the same café and order the same thing each morning.

Or perhaps you do a quick shop for cereal and almond butter that you can have in the hotel.

No more time wasted, wondering “what should I have for breakfast?” or “where should we go out to eat today?”




Winning the day.

What will your travel edition morning routine be?

My Morning Routine- Why and How I Became a Morning Person

My morning routine helps me feel grounded, productive, and like I’ve won the whole day! 

Let me walk you through it 😊

What time do I wake up?

I’m a member of the 5 AM club.  I get excited to walk down my stairs, look out the windows, and see the whole city asleep. 

I adore the stillness and quietness of the city, knowing that in 2 hours, the roads will be bustling with morning commuters rushing to work.

Getting up early means I also get to see the sun rise, a daily event that is so moving and powerful. 

I feel both empowered and peaceful.

What are my non-negotiables?

Matthew and I make our bed immediately.  It takes us about 30 seconds to make, but has a lasting impact for the entire day.

As the saying goes, “messy bed, messy head.”

I feel cluttered if the bed isn’t made, so I like to start my day with a strong start of decluttering and a feeling of accomplishment.

Plus, I love getting into a made bed at the end of a long day.  It makes the winding down process at night seamless. 

My other non-negotiable in the morning is a making coffee.

Every morning is the same: I rinse out the coffee pot from the day before, fill up the coffee maker with water, freshly grind whole coffee beans, and brew the coffee. 

I pour myself a room temperature or warm glass of water and drink at least half before drinking my coffee.  

Rehydration first thing in the morning is so important- you’ve gone several hours without a sip!

What helps set me up for success for the day?

Matthew and I read our devotional, Jesus Calling, every morning.  It’s only a paragraph or two, but it’s powerful.  It centers our minds and our hearts on God, love, gratitude, and trust.

Then, I journal.

I truly believe that journaling is a super power.  I gain so much clarity and focus from journaling, I can’t imagine skipping it!

What do I journal about?

I have a journaling framework that I follow every day, a framework I created for myself over the past year of journaling consistently every day.

I first write about the events, conversations, and lessons learned from yesterday, what was a success, what I loved and enjoyed, and what I learned. 

I then write about what I am grateful for, small and big.  I write down the people in my life I’m grateful for, my experiences, things about work and health, as well as the small things in my life that bring me joy (yes, I write down black coffee here.)

Then, I write “Today’s Three to Thrive.”

What is “Today’s Three to Thrive?”

This is where I write down the three things that would make today a success if I accomplished them.

When I write “Today’s Three to Thrive,” I become laser-focused on what I need to accomplish during the day.  This habit keeps me from becoming sidetracked.  It helps me zero in on what’s important for the day.  It keeps me focused.  And I refer to my “Three to Thrive” throughout the day to make sure I’m on track and placing my energy on the most important work.

At the beginning of the week, I also have started writing my “Weekly Three to Thrive.”  These are the 3 most important tasks and projects for the entire week, the things that would make me feel accomplished and amazing when I check them off the list at the end of the week.

Writing down my “Three to Thrives” have been an absolute game changer for my life.  Seriously, try it.  I’m telling you, it’s a super power that you can harness too!

How long have I had this morning routine?

I’ve been doing this same routine for 1.5 years.

I used to use the 5-Minute Journal when I was just getting started (link).

Now that I have a journaling routine and have established writing as a morning habit, I use this journal (link).  It’s my absolute favorite- I love the leather hardcover, and the pen holder ensures I’m never without my writing instrument. 

What time do I go to bed?

Matthew and I try to be upstairs, getting ready for bed by 8:30/9 PM.  That allows us to be asleep by 9:30 or so.

I typically get 7 hours of sleep, which is plenty for me.  I usually jump out of bed, energized. 

Matthew follows same routine

Is there anything I do before bed to make my morning routine easier?

First, the bed is already made from the morning!

Then, we usually read a few pages of a book, which helps us wind down.

And the phone is always on airplane mode so we don’t get disturbed by texts and calls.

Do I snooze the alarm?

Oh boy, this was a bad habit that I have recently kicked.

What helped me turn from a chronic alarm snoozer to someone who jumps out of bed is to associate my identity with someone who is not a snoozer.  I simply say, “I am not a snoozer,” and then get out of bed.  Try it- I think you’ll find it’s a useful and effective affirmation.

And now that I’ve established a morning routine that makes me feel energized, productive, focused, and grounded, I look forward to getting up early 😊

How soon do I check my emails?

I never check email until about 9 AM.  It’s a rabbit hole of distraction.

I like my first 4 hours to be proactive instead of reactive. 

How soon do I check social media?

I also don’t check my phone for social media until after a workout, around 11 AM. 

Again, rabbit hole or reactivity.

What do I love most about my morning routine?

The act of making my bed, reading the devotional, journaling, practicing gratitude, and writing my Three to Thrive list makes me feel:

·        Productive

·        Focused

·        Empowered

·        Successful

·        Joyful

·        Grounded

·        Like I completed a whole day’s worth of work in 4 hours!

By putting my morning practices into place, I now can’t wait to get out of bed at 5 AM and start my day strong.

Starting a morning routine was hard a first.  And it certainly takes time to create a routine. 

But getting enough sleep, having wonderful habits to look forward to, and knowing how good I feel after a solid morning routine, has made getting up early easy. 

if there’s one thing I would encourage you to do as part of your morning routine, it would be:


I’m telling you, it’s a super power. 

Don’t have time to journal?

Yes, you do.  You have 5 minutes (or can create the space by getting up 5 minutes earlier) to journal.

Gratitude and having a plan for the day will change your life. 

Let me know if you try it 😊

What’s your morning routine?  Comment below-I can’t wait to read yours.