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VIDEO | Who Else Wants a Fresh Start?! September is the Other New Year's + 3-Day Action Plan

September always feels like a fresh start to me- the crisp air, back to school season, a new beginning.

You could say that September is like the other New Year’s!

Which, if you’re anything like me, makes me want to set new goals, new routines, and really hone in on healthy eating and activity.

But there’s a catch:

We often set out to accomplish way too much, with too many goals and changes all at once…

Which wears off after a week or two and we fall back into old routines.

So, here’s my game plan and I’d love for you to join me:

I’m setting a goal for the next three days.

Yes, only three days.

And here’s why:

• The first day is easy, because motivation is high.
• The second day is easy, because there’s only two days left to accomplish the goal.
• And the third day is easy, because it’s the finish line.

Three days for a goal is long enough to feel like you’ve accomplished something great, but short enough that you feel motivated and inspired to take action all three days.

Today, I'm sharing with you my 3-day goal, and two BONUS ways to ensure success with accomplishing the goal you set for yourself!

And if your goal is to eat a little healthier by cooking in (always the best and simplest way to eat healthier), then I’ve got you covered!

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