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Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass Juice

Ever heard that wheat grass is too fibrous to use in a blender, so you have to buy special equipment or rely on a local smoothie joint?  Luckily, you actually can make wheat grass juice in a blender with an ingredient you definitely have access to: WATER.  You’ll love how easy and inexpensive it is to make!  I like to freeze the juice to add to smoothie :)

What (your ingredients):

Wheat grass


How (your directions):

Cut and rinse the green parts of the wheat grass from your planter and place in a blender.

Add 1 cup of water.  Blend on low for 10-15 seconds, then whiz on high for 30 seconds.

Place a strainer over a glass and pour liquid through strainer.  Toss or compost the pulp.

Hint: you can use coconut water for added sweetness if you are drinking the juice straight.

Drink as is, or blend with frozen bananas and pineapple for a tropical smoothie with extra benefits. 


Why (the science): While wheat is in the name, wheat grass is actually gluten free, so those with sensitivities can still imbibe :) Fun Fact: Wheat grass is a complete protein, meaning that all of the amino acids that are "essential" (require eating because our bodies cannot make them) are found in wheatgrass!  

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