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3-G-Free Pancakes

3-G-Free Pancakes

Need a recipe for those gorgeous bananas we receive each week? Then this recipe is for you! These pancakes are free of the 3 G’s:1. Grain 2. Gluten 3. Guilt And they are only 3 ingredients! I top mine with a drizzle of organic peanut butter or eat them plain (they are that delicious!). Or, take the traditional route, and top with butter, maple syrup, and blueberries :) Dark chocolate chips would be excellent, too. This recipe serves 1 person with 3 pancakes, but could easily be extended for a family.

What (your ingredients): 

1 extra ripe banana (the darker, the better because it makes the pancakes sweet) 
1 egg 2-3 dashes of cinnamon

How (your directions):

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat (can spray with nonstick spray or melt a dab of butter or coconut oil).

In a medium bowl, mash banana until smooth. Crack an egg into bowl and scramble with the banana. Add a few dashes of cinnamon.

When the skillet is heated, pour banana batter into 3 pancakes. Flip once sides of pancake are firm.

Serve with your favorite toppings and eat immediately!


Why (the science):  Added sugars add empty calories to your diet, which makes the scale numbers creep up. Why not make pancakes that are simply made with fruit and eggs? That way, you get the taste and texture of a pancake, but with added protein and no added sugar. Pancakes with 20% of your vitamin C? Done. Here's your 3-G-Free Pancakes - Nutrition Label

P.S. Thank you, Brewers Organics for providing the organic bananas for this breakfast dish!

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